Fibreplus Business Internet

Are a contended internet service which offers high performance Business Internet access at a flat monthly rate. You can choose bandwidth required with unlimited data and a single fixed IP( or add additional IP Addresses). Fibreplus Business Internet is ideal to access cloud services and other Internet applications.

The perfect staring point for a business upgrade from ADSL/VDSL or ISDN. High speed reliable internet packages with symmetrical upload and download speeds. Fibreplus Business Internet provides a low contention ratio.

Whether your business has a single office or multiple locations, Fibreplus Internet Solutions provide the speed and reliability a business requires. With a dedicate network for business users only, Fibreplus Business Internet provides premium business grade High-speed Internet for Businesses and Educational Institutes.

Fibre Plus Business Plans

Fibreplus Super

$300 +GST

per month

  • 200 mbps Bandwidth Up and Down
  • Low Contention
  • 1Static IP Address
  • FreeDDOS Protection
  • MonthlyUnlimited Data
  • FreeBusiness Hours Support

Fibreplus Max

$400 +GST

per month

  • 1 gbps Bandwidth Download
  • 500 mbps Bandwidth Upload
  • Low Contention
  • 1Static IP Address
  • FreeDDOS Protection
  • MonthlyUnlimited Data
  • FreeBusiness Hours Support
If you would prefer to speak with someone about your requirements please call 0800 338 638 or email us
We also provide additional IP Addresses, non-contended internet, WAN connectivity and VOIP/SIP
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Your Questions

'Contention Ratio' refers to how many users are sharing the data capacity on a provider's line. To put it even simpler, it's a count of how many customers are using the same main internet line as you. If your contention ratio is 20:1, for instance, that means twenty customers are using one line. Standard contention ratios are from 20:1 to 50:1 or higher

With Fibreplus we provide business grade low contention connections Look at our business internet product for low contention and experience a quality service. Or do you need no contention (1:1) then look at our DirectNet product with no contention.

For connections via the Vector fibre network, there is no CIR as it is NZ's only Metro Ethernet Fibre rated network and is carrier grade. For connection via UFB there is a 2.5mbps CIR on the UFB network however from monitoring connections we find that no connection drops down below 60% of service bandwidth.

If you require a higher CIR the business internet plans also have an advanced SLA option which can provide as higher CIR on the UFB network.

Please be sure to state any CIR requirments when requesting a quote.

Where vector fibre is available installations have a 10 business day SLA, we can facilitate quick install as where possible.

If you connectivity is through Chorus UFB, the Chorus stated SLA for install is 25-40 days.

With our intelligent networks product we can support next day connection in Auckland and 2 business day connections outside of Auckland

Yes, we can supply additional static IP address ranges in blocks.

Please let us know the number of IP addresses you require when requesting a quote.

Yes, we have a number of customers who run their VOIP phone systems using the business internet packages.

Most businesses have their own firewall equipment or fibre capable router, as such we do not provide routers, we can however provide advice on suitable routers.

Our Intelligent network service can provide high quality routers for a monthly fee, this is based on Fortinet hardware. Click here to read more

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